Hello, World!

I’m starting out with a research position as of now with a professor in order to learn more and pretty much obtain real experience rather than just a normal class room setting.

Basically, the subject matter is going to be computer science, along with mobile security.  Mobile, meaning Android, means my first task is to build a ROM.  The end goal is to actually produce a fully functional ROM that others may install on their own machine.  In this blog, I’ll be posting updates whenever I do work on the project.  As I’m still in school, I can’t dedicate a lot of time to this, however my goal is to upkeep ten hours a week on this project, with most of my work being done on weekends.  I’ll try to update every Monday and possible Wednesday or Thursday (Depending on when I work).  Hopefully all works out, and this becomes something.


I’ll also be posting about food, and what I cook.  Being in college, I won’t be making fancy schmancy meals, but I’ll be making some delicious stuff as time goes on.  I love to cook, and listen to music, and the great thing is, cooking and listening music can be done together! Just like programming and music ;).  Things always work out!

Lastly, I do small mini-projects on my own.  As of now, I’m creating two Android apps (Both of which I’ll post about and problems that occurred during development) and hopefully they’ll get done within the school year (That’s the plan).  The plan is, weekends are a mix day, do both my own projects and research stuff, where-as through the week I do more of the research stuff and app development when I’m free and need a break.  Sort-a my personal 20% project. Last, I hope to start learning Go/golang.


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