Up and Running


1. Easier then I thought.

2. Personal Updates


As of now, this was not difficult at all.  Booting up and finished boot.  To be honest, this wasn’t difficult. I’m not saying there were not problems, because as always, there were.  But it went smooth.  As in…  I did it in about two hours Monday.

So some tips for future/others.

Most important command:

make mrproper

Now, this lil’ bit of command cleans up your mistakes.  You will make mistakes.  Luckily, this command also takes about 10 seconds to run.  So no big deal.  This saved me countless of times and lots of time.  I am pretty thorough with my work, so I like to make sure everything is at least some-what back to the start/normalized.  I don’t like having a chance that what I did won’t be reproducible because one file was where it wasn’t normally because of a previous mistake.  So I highly recommend and love this snippet of a command.

Beyond that, I found it most difficult of what commands to run.  Going off memory, I believe it was along the lines of:

ARCH=arm SUBARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi make goldfish_defconfig

This allows you to set the variables temporarily, makes the config file, then you can run a normal “make”.
That’s really all you need to do after you download the goldfish kernel and you’re golden ;).
Personal Changes

So, my own development machine has changed a lot.  Previously, I had a rule about not working on my own machine, but downloading the Android source takes about 12 hours, building takes more hours, and the kernel takes about as long, so I’d be lucky if someone didn’t turn off the computer in a local lab while this went on.  So that rule, for the time being, is scrapped.  But I’ve also noticed, everyone uses Linux.  I have nothing against Linux, I think it’s great, and to be honest (After using it for a weekend), I’ll be happy about it (Besides the no Spotify support, that irks me, and no, Wine does not count as I get pop up overlays and those are annoying too).  But I don’t mean everyone uses Linux as in, everyone should use it, or that if you don’t use it, it’s bad.  I just mean, every documentation is built off the idea that the end user is using Linux.  Further, if you have a problem?  Guess what, their is a solution.  I remember back in middle school when I first installed Linux, finding solutions was…  awkward.  Every solution wasn’t much of a solution as it was an idea towards a possible solution, which combined with me being about thirteen (Is that middle school?), heck if I could put two and two together in a terminal, I didn’t even know about man pages!

So, no more tangent, I now am running Linux.  Ubuntu 12 (I don’t like it, but again, many projects are geared towards Ubuntu, also lots of support) is now my primary OS, but I still have Windows 7 for now, in case I need to recover something.  I’ll give a list of my favorite command line and other utilities on Ubuntu, but I already have several that keep me sane.

Also, I’m an Emacs user.  I do use Eclipse for personal projects, but for most of my programming, I’ll be trying to use Emacs.  How bad it has gotten?  I’ve done the cut/paste command in a web browser…  Ctrl – W is close tab for most browsers, so that got old fast.  This was a goal of mine sense school started though, and as of now, I love Emacs, and I know I don’t even know half of it.

Back to programming though!  I have built and got Jelly Bean working on this new machine all in one swoop.  No problems.  Same goes with the Goldfish kernel, also, no problem.  Further, I’m trying to pick up Open Source.  I’ll give another update of that when I actually complete something though.

I’ll be meeting with Dr. Mateti to discuss what to do next tomorrow.  Until then… Yeah!


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