Putting Android on HP Touchpad

My brother was lucky and bought one of the HP Touchpads when they went real low in price. Recently though, he couldn’t play movies on it, as the codecs didn’t work correctly or the Touchpad didn’t support it (I didn’t see it, just guessing). He asked me to put on Android for him, so this is basically what I did.
1. Downloading all the stuff
2. Some small commands
3. What happened/Extras!


I received a “Unable to find device” on Novacom after putting in the command (Shown in step two), so I had to download this.

I also had the SDK downloaded from HP’s Palm site, so you may want to download this first, then download the previous program to duplicate exactly what I did.  Here is the download.

This is the actual CM9 download.

This is the actual Google Apps.

This is ACME.

This is MOBoot.

This is CWM.

Small Commands

So the “Technical” portion.  Basically, on your machine, go to the furthest Novacom folder, mine was here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\HP webOS\SDK\bin\novacomd\x86>

In this folder, put the download above called ACME.  It won’t be executable by you, but it will know what to do when you enter the command in the cmd (Command prompt, I assume on Linux and Mac you’d use Terminal).  Before this command however, you need to do some work on the Touchpad.  Connect the device as you normally would to the computer.  When connected, on the device, it’ll prompt to enable USB mode.  Say yes.  On the computer, go to the devices folder (Via My Computer) and open up the external device.  Make a directory called “cminstall”.  In here, you want to put the CWM and MOBoot download .zip’s in to this folder.

Now, shut down the device.  But when you go to start it up (Be sure it’s connected to the computer still!), you want to hold the volume up button, (The button closest to the powerbutton).  Once this happens, you want to have your command prompt/terminal still in the previously mentioned path, and input this command:

novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3

This is the “Magic” portion.  Upon completion, unplug.  If the USB logo stays on, you’ll want to hold all three, the volume up button, the home button (The middle guy below the screen), and then the power button.  Hold until it goes away.  Then go on as normal.

Now, if you start up, you’ll notice that you have WebOS working still.  But you also have a small boot menu.

Now to install the CM9.  You downloaded a .zip file, of which, is named a bit oddly.  Rename the CM9 folder to update-cm.zip.  (I believe it complained about the naming however, so this may change depending on the versions of things, but it tells you on the HP device what to rename it to).  You want to do the same for the Gapps too, rename it to gapps-gb.zip.

Now, run that command above again in the same path, and then it’ll do its thing.  Now you’re done!


I said their were extras.  I was surprised to see that you can still boot in to WebOS.  So you didn’t lose this functionality, which I think my brother will enjoy.  To do this, you want to hold the power button, click Reboot, then select bootloader, then Ok.  It’ll reboot, and prompt you for selection.  To use this menu, use the volume buttons to scroll, then you use the home button to select an option.


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